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We have been travelling you to unique Mediterranean flavours for 20 years! 

The restaurant - fish tavern Karavela is located in southern Chios, in one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the island, named Komi, just a few meters from the sea. Karavela is always equipped with fresh fish and seafood, delicious appetizers, grilled meats, ready to travel to new and famous tasting destinations.


Karavela Ship

Karavela was the ship of the first explorers, Vasco da Gama and Christopher Columbus, usually had three tissues in which he carried three square sails, either latin (triangular) or mixed, as well as a square sail, the so-called "Tsivadra" in the side sail float.

Two of the three ships of Christopher Columbus, "Nina" and "Pinda", with which he sailed on August 3, 1492, were caravels, and historical data set them at the beginning of his trips to Chios, seeking for sailors.

Karavela Reasraurant was named by those historical Karavels, and the mood for new discoveries! Karavela Restaurant started its journey in 1978 by Yiannis Kostasos, while it changed... captains in 1997 when Karavela passed to the property of Stamatis and Kostas Nyktas. From then since today, Karavela travels to Mediterranean flavors, authentic recipes of fishermen, made always with care and love.

Enjoy the romantic view on the beach of Komi, just a few meters from the sea. You can enjoy your coffee or your food from early morning till late at night! We are sure that the unique atmosphere and the Karavella experience will fascinate you!